The Corporation of Musick

Monteverdi Vespers of 1610:

2/3 Cornetts & 3 Sackbuts.

The ever popular 'Monteverdi Vespers of 1610' is a favourite for professional choruses and choral societies.

The wind parts can be performed with 2 or 3 cornetts, doubling recorders, and 3 trombones.

Price guide: c. £2000 for 6 players.

Schütz Christmas Story:

2 cornetts & 2 sackbuts.

The perfect repertoire for a Christmas concert which can be paired with works by Praetorius and other festive Germanic favourites.

The wind band requires 2 cornetts and 2 trombones but there are many other options to expand on this. A third trombone and cornetts doubling recorders and natural trumpets.

Price guide: c. £1400 for 4 players.

Please feel free to use the contact from below to enquire about our availability, either to accompany a choir or choral society or for  group recitals.

Further down the page we have some details of the usual repertoire we are asked to perform with examples of pricing for use as a guide. For an exact quote please get in touch.

We can also arrange for string, continuo and any other players you may need.

Monteverdi l'Orfeo:

2 cornetts, 5 sackbuts doubling trumpets and recorders.

Monteverdi's 1607 masterpiece.

Price guide: Varied due to number of performances and rehearsals.

From a Corruptible to an Incorruptible Crown:

3 cornetts, 3 sackbuts & organ.

This recital programme of music celebrates the finest composers from the reign of Charles I on the new instruments at court, the cornetts and sackbuts. The recital plots a timeline from his coronation to his demise exploring the different contexts where the 'Royal Music' would have been heard, from the church to the masque.

This programme can also be altered or arranged to include singers or even choirs.

Price guide: Please contact.

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